About Us

New Zealand Pool Industries is made up of a group of like-minded Industry professionals who would not accept anything but the best quality products to supply the pool builders of NZ.

Having worked with most products on the market they felt like they needed one product to cover all aspects of pool finishes and thats when they discovered the answer lay in NZ Pool Pebble.

About NZ Pool Pebble

Our colourful, sparkling glass pool finishes provide an unrivalled combination of aesthetic brilliance and structural integrity.  We have the ability to create any colour you can imagine with our smooth and colour-fast glass pebbles.

Every order is pre-mixed in the factory to ensure consistency of colour as well as our extraordinarily high standards of quality.  Our gorgeous glass pool interiors have been designed with ease of use in mind.  They are easily applied to your pool and even easier for you to care for.

A luxury pool interior that will stand the test of time.  Our decadent glass finishes retain warmth from the sun.  Pleasingly smooth to the touch, the sparkling effect day and night is something to behold.

Gone are the days of the dated blue pool interiors that fade over time.

Our finishes will look just as good 20 years now as they do the day you jump in.


New Zealand Sourced Pebble

Our white pebble is sourced from the South Island in the rolling hills of Southland.  The raw product comes from ancient riverbed deposits which are unique to this geographical location.  The pebble was formed thousands of years ago by Ice Age glacier movement.

New Zealand White pebble is exceptional for its crisp, white colour and quality.  It is one of the finest quality white pebbles found anywhere in the world because of its strength and durability, which along with its colour creates a stunning end product that lasts for years.